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Logo vs. Branding_DofM Marketing Blog 5.18.2021

Cool Logo, Bro. But What’s Your Brand?May 18, 2021

Your logo is just the tip of the iceberg of your brand strategy – or it should be.

Skip the Fluff: 5 Email Marketing Metrics That MatterMay 11, 2021

You know email marketing is important. Let’s review the email marketing metrics that actually matter and why.

target audience

How to Narrow Down Your Target AudienceMay 4, 2021

If you haven’t identified your target market, you can waste a lot of time and energy trying to attract and convert people who simply aren’t interested in you or your product.

What the Heck is a For You Page? TikTok Demystified.April 27, 2021

What the heck is TikTok’s For You Page? Get the break down, and how you can use it for business.

DofM Marketing Blog_4.20.2021_WTF is Content Marketing?

What in the Actual F**** is Content Marketing?April 20, 2021

Content marketing isn’t just a buzz word. It’s a systematic strategy for turning your prospects into customers. Here’s how.

5 Ways to Boost Your Blogs on GoogleApril 13, 2021

While your blog posts should always consist of information relevant to your audience, they are also especially important for your overall SEO.

B2B Targeting: How to Use Buyer Personas to Build Trust With Business

B2B Targeting: How to Use Buyer Personas to Build Trust With BusinessApril 6, 2021

Knowing who to target your marketing and sales messaging to when pitching a business can be a little trickier than in B2C. Using buyer personas can help. Here are a few to consider when crafting your messaging.

Marketing Lessons Learned from the Best (and the Worst)March 30, 2021

Here at the DofM, we’ve seen about a million marketing initiatives over the years (give or take), including our fair share of wins and a few faux pas.

DofM Marketing Blog_2021 Website Design Trends

Website Design Trends for 2021March 23, 2021

Let’s look at some of the website trends you should expect for the upcoming year.

DofM Marketing Blog_Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile for Sales

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Crush Your Sales GoalsMarch 16, 2021

Your LinkedIn profile can be a valuable social selling tool, but only if its optimized properly. Here’s how to make your profile work for you.