Handcrafted Marketing Solutions To Fit Your Business

Marketing Strategy

The best ad, blog post, automation, email, [insert marketing object here], won’t work if you aren’t reaching the right people, at the right time, with the right message. We’ll work with you to create a custom strategy that uniquely suits your business, and more importantly, your target audience.

Content Marketing

No, publishing a blog post here and a white paper there is not content marketing. It’s a strategic digital marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent messaging to attract and retain leads and customers, and to boost your brand in search.

Website Design, Optimization & Maintenance

Think of your website like your marketing HQ. It needs to be able to support all of your extracurriculars on the web. It’s also the only place where you have true control over your content. Ready to rank? We can help.


A solid search engine optimization strategy is a must to stand out online. We help you improve your search rankings and website traffic by helping Google find, qualify, and rank your online content so your audience actually sees it. No more shouting into the abyss for you.


No matter how exceptional your content is, many of the platforms your leads are using are pay-to-play. If you need opportunities fast, pay-per-click advertising can help you generate the same awareness, leads, and customers that content and SEO can – without the wait.

Email Marketing

Don’t listen to the click-baiters, email is not dead. In fact, there’s something like 4 billion daily email users in the market today. That’s billion. With a B. And if you aren’t showing up in their inbox, you can pretty much bet your competitors are. We can help you rock the ‘box.

Social Media Marketing

When building brand awareness and establishing trust with your prospects your first priority should be to show up where they’re scrolling. We can help you find their favorite watering holes and establish a presence for you there, no time lost to social media rabbit holes required.

Reputation Management

Even in the days of digital, word of mouth still reigns. In a world where every potential lead you target will Google you before reaching out, managing our online reputation is critical to your organization’s success. Let us help you organically manage your online first impression.

Traditional Campaigns

Are offline marketing strategies a better fit for your audience? We don’t just do digital. We can help you prepare an event or trade show strategy, have some of the best print and swag partners in the business, and can run a mean direct mail campaign.

Ready To Get Started? Us Too.

At The DofM we have one simple goal: to help you grow your business. How we do that gets a little more complicated. We combine strategy, creativity, content, and a healthy dose of sarcasm to help you meet your goals. Whether its old-school print and direct mail, or the latest in content marketing and automation, we’ll do whatever it takes to move the need.

Marketing does not have to be expensive, and it’s not a black hole if you choose the right partner. Ready to dig in? Drop us a line. (Er...a form. You know the drill.)