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About DofM

The Department of Marketing (DofM) is an interactive, award-winning marketing firm headquartered in Raleigh, N.C. The firm was started by partners George Wallace and Oliver Spencer in 2003. We wanted to create an agency that offers fantastic value while still being able to offer a full suite of marketing services. Seems impossible right? Actually it’s not; we created a hybrid agency that had a number of creative internal employees as well as a stable of rock star contractors. The DofM focuses on creativity, affordability and tactical implementation that helps clients grow and increase revenue.

We understand in today’s marketing world it is all about accountability and results. Strategy combined with creativity, content and marketing automation allows us to be transparent and measure results. We work with companies large and small and would love to meet with your company to see if we can become YOUR Department of Marketing.

Meet the Partners

George Wallace
Creative Director & Zoo Keeper
George Wallace, managing partner of The DofM, has a unique mixture of specialties and experience which include advertising, sports marketing, media negotiation, creative strategy and generation Y marketing. George handles the day-to-day client interaction, oversees the creative direction of designers and web developers and is instrumental in strategically planning campaigns. ...
Oliver Spencer
Quality Assessment Manager & Content Whisperer
Oliver Spencer, a principal of the Department of Marketing, has spent his career catering to clients' every need, from merchandizing giant Saks Fifth Avenue to the mom and pop deli looking to grow its brand.

Spencer's career in marketing followed growth industries, and... ...

Meet the Team

Letty Sojo
Accounting Manager & Rainmaker
Jennifer Suarez
Communication Strategist & Social Media Magician
Thomas Cook
Creative Director & Imagination Dream Maker
Morgan Patrick
VP of Biz Dev & Spokesman Extraordinaire

Online Integration Manager & Database Wizard
James Burrow
SEO Manager & Google Kingpin
Jamie Sterling
Video Production Manager and Camera Yogi