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Marketing Automation

Create leads. Create awareness. Know for sure that your marketing is working.

Finding out how your marketing team is doing is more trackable than ever. For years marketing has had a bad reputation because companies had a really hard time putting their finger on exactly what they were getting for their money. We like to call it “the marketing black hole.”

With marketing automation, you can be sure you are not throwing your money away. We can directly see how marketing affects the bottom line. By using marketing automation, the DofM is accountable for key performance indicators.

While we don’t sell, we do create MQL’s (marketing qualified leads). Marketing automation gives us the ability to have data at our fingertips and use this data to produce fantastic ROIs. It allows us to track leads through the entire sales funnel, nurture them and hand them off to sales.

Marketing automation is a game changer that creates metrics and accountability. It pulls dollars back out of the “marketing black hole” and illustrates key performance indicators and campaign success rates.

Make sure you work with a marketing firm that offers proven results. Contact us to learn more about our process.