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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the creation and curation of content (written pieces, video, pictures, audio and infographics) to promote a service or product. The focus of the content does not specifically have to be about your organization or its offerings, often assets created for the purpose of content marketing include a mix of problem-specific information and thought leadership. Content marketing helps to develop trust by providing the customer with resources that will assist them in making the right decisions, which allows them to reduce risk. Content is also used to drive traffic to your website and capture leads through things like forms. As a lead develops, you should have content that informs and educates, thus nurturing leads. Content marketing is not promotional.

When creating content, it needs to be useful to the reader, regardless of whether it supports your company message. Good content marketing should answer a business questions or problems. It should be provided in a very thoughtful manner. Companies should ensure that the content they create offers proof either through quotes and testimonials, or through actual metrics and statistics.