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Why Your Website Isn’t Performing & How to Change It

7 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Performing is a must-read article offered by Marc Herschberger on the HubSpot Marketing Blog this week. Herschberger clearly illustrates the top problems plaguing most business websites in everything from common SEO mistakes, to design pitfalls, to poor blogging habits, and more. Based on these common digital marketing disasters, here are OUR own 7 ideas¬†on improving your business’s website as learned from years of experience in working with a variety of Raleigh businesses.

  1. Poor Performance due to Poor Traffic. Solution: Tune-up Your SEO. Use Google AdWords’s Planner tool to figure out what search terms are relevant to your business. Make sure your webpage URLs, headlines, page titles, alt tags, etc. match those keywords as well as incorporate your business name thoroughly. If you’re familiar with your website’s coding, look into creating a site map as well as internally linking pages within your website when at all possible. Not familiar with your website’s internal structure? Befriend your coder, ASAP! Have him/her analyze where your SEO is and how to take you higher on search results.
  2. Your Current Promotion Strategy is Attracting the Wrong Audience. Solution: Realign Your Advertising. Media placement matters. The context of an ad largely decides who reads it and how it is perceived. Consider utilizing tools that let you choose when and who sees your ads using demographics, etc. Make sure your content and your call to action is appealing and impactful to your intended customer.
  3. Your Website Isn’t Responsive. Solution: Hire a New Coder. Your business, put plainly, cannot survive without a mobile-friendly website. Have a few buddies check out your website on their mobile devices. If the text, margins, and images aren’t clear, neat, and consistent, count on losing customers. Hire someone you trust to handle your code and make your pages compatible with whatever device a customer may be using to find you.
  4. Your Website Has Unclear or Cluttered Navigation. Solution: See Solution 3. Within seconds of entering your website a customer has already decided what they think of you and whether or not they will buy from you. This is why in most cases your business is better off ditching your old website and starting from scratch. Make your first impression flawless. If cluttered and confusing navigation are in the mix, it’s time for a complete makeover.
  5. Poor Landing Page Design. Solution: Run Tests. Before publishing a landing page, take advantage of different programs that allow you to mock up different drafts and test out what works and what doesn’t. This strategy allows you to optimize your results and figure out the perfect layout and content for getting the most clicks. And remember, for customers, less is more. Make forms short and entry ways simple.
  6. Blog Topics Aren’t Connecting With Readers. Solution: Conduct Targeted Research. Cozy up to your customers. Figure out what they like to view and how they like to view it. What are they talking about? What are they dying to know about? And if possible, what are your competitors doing and are they doing it effectively? Don’t reinvent the wheel. Do what works, only do it better.
  7. Page Content and Offers Aren’t Strategically Connected. Solution: Focus on Generating Leads. Make the foundation of your web design the idea of turning one-time visitors into returning customers. If you have links, pages, or content that is not being viewed make sure it is working, consistent and relevant with the rest of your content, easily assessable, holds significant value to the customer, and is located in a place on your website that makes sense to the consumer.