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Why Print Should Be Part of Your Marketing Plan

With the Internet boom came a host of sources claiming, “It’s the end of print advertising!” Marketing mavens scoffed at traditional brochures, direct mailings, business cards, and newspaper ads.

While digital components such as social media, blogs, and a fully optimized website can in fact make or break a business today, the experts at the DofM believe the ideal marketing mix for your business will actually include both online and print marketing elements. Research shows us digital marketing can in no way replace the impact print marketing has on a consumer, but is most effective when it reinforces and clarifies an existing brand message.

Photo credit: kla4067 via Visual Hunt / CC BY

Photo credit: kla4067 via Visual Hunt / CC BY

So, why do we believe print marketing is so effective?

Getting noticed. — Print leaves room for a lot of creative. Plus, it is now used less by your competitors, making your message stand out more. Unlike the Internet, there are fewer businesses and distractions vying for your customer’s attention in print. This means customers can actually avoid clutter, read your content, and retain your call-to-action.

Brand yourself. – Connecting with other businesses and consumers online can often seem impersonal and allows for easy misrepresentation of your brand. A well-designed business card boosts your first impression. A piece of direct mail allows for better personalization.

Return On Investment. – This is why a recent study revealed that simply by adding direct mail to your current marketing strategy, your response rates increase by an average of 20 percent. Overall, print continues to be the most trusted form of marketing among consumers and plays a large role in shaping purchase decisions.

Let us help you create the perfect mix of digital and print marketing to fit your industry, your consumers, and your brand’s goals. Email us for more at info@deptofmarketing.com.