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Why Branding is a Critical Part of Your Marketing

Branding is a critical tool for any company, but it can be hard to convince those who don’t fully understand it that they need it. Companies often find branding a challenge because it is far less easy to track how many consumers are impacted by it. Nonetheless, branding is still an essential part of your marketing.

Elements of Branding

On the surface, people think branding is your logo or a graphic element depicting your company, but it goes way behind that. Branding is the overall image or identity of your company.

Think about some brands you know. Wrangler is known for ruggedness, for example. That’s not just its logo. Apple’s brand is about high-quality products. Every aspect of Disney is about a magical experience, whether it’s the theme park or the people answering questions about their stock. They are known for customer service and its part of their brand experience. Elements of branding include:

    • Logo
    • Tagline
    • Fonts and colors used in documents, emails, and other communications
    • Social media banners/profile images
    • Language and terminology
    • The attitude of your team
    • Personality projected by the brand via advertising and other messages
  • Positioning in the market, often defined by whom you’re targeting

All of this — and more — make up your brand.

Here are three reasons branding is crucial:

  1. Recognition. A small graphic that everyone knows, Nike, is an excellent example of this. Some people will only buy shoes if they have the swoosh on them. A consumer may not know anything about Nike or the differences between Nike and Adidas or other companies, but they recognize Nike. In the same way, if people recognize your branding, it’ll put you above your competition automatically. Name recognition is half the battle because if you’re choosing between two brands, you’ll likely choose the one you have heard of — even if you can’t remember where.
  1. 2. Association. With branding, you should work to have people associate your brand with greatness. If a customer is working with people on your team and have a positive experience, they’ll likely be customers for life. They will automatically associate your logo and branding with positivity. This will likely lead them to refer others to your company, which is the best way to market: word of mouth. Even if people don’t speak about your company, just them wearing or using something with your branding on it can help spread the word. This is why it is important to take time on your branding and make it look very professional. Many people are creatures of habit, so once they associate your brand with quality, they are less likely to switch.

  2. 3. Authority. If you work hard on your branding, you can take your company up a notch. People will begin to place value on your brand, and it’ll give you authority among other similar companies. Once they see the value of your company continue to rise, they will begin to trust you.

Branding is the reason someone buys while marketing is just the reason someone thought of buying. Getting someone to think they need a product you are selling is one thing, but getting someone to choose your company over someone else’s is another.

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