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Which Celebrity Matches Your Website’s Personality?

Your website is where people glean their first impression of you, so thinking through exactly what you want your site to look like and say is critical. A website tells the story of your brand and creates a personality. But is it a personality that resonates with your audience?

Here are four website personalities you should try to avoid:

    1. Kylie Jenner – This website looks beautiful, but appearances are not everything. Maybe you put a lot of time and money into it, but it has little content and/or functionality. If you are going to put so much effort into design, then why not put even more time into your message and user interface. If a website doesn’t work proficiently, many people will project that onto your business or service.
    1. Neil deGrasse Tyson – You have the content part down. Your site offers tons of expert information. But it would take an astrophysicist to understand your message and navigation. You have to remember that most of the time, the person visiting your website doesn’t know much about your area of expertise, which is why they need you, so try to put your content into casual terms. If you aren’t sure, ask your mom or sibling or your best friend to go over your content. If he or she can understand it, chances are most other people will, too.
    1. The “Rachel Green” Haircut – Is your company site outdated? In 1994, when the sitcom FRIENDS debuted, every woman wanted to have the “Rachel” haircut, which was shorter with layers that frame the face. But now in 2018, this hairstyle is out of date. In website terms, this means the information and the look never changes. No one would revisit your site because they know it will be the same. If your site hasn’t changed in more than 20 years — or even five — it’s time for a refresh. 
  1. DNCE – This site that is so cluttered with color and attention-grabbing things that it makes your message hard to decipher. Choose three or four colors, max. Figure out what you want your users to pay attention to and make sure that that is the thing that stands out most. Not everything on your site needs to scream “Look at me.” Select what’s important.

Creating a website is a balance between all of these different personalities. You need some color, a beautiful design, and useful, constant content. Don’t try to tackle this on your own. Contact the DofM today.