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What to Expect From a Raleigh Marketing Agency

Hiring a Raleigh marketing agency is a reliable way to get more done when you’re overwhelmed or overbusy with other things. Many companies start small and do their own marketing at first, which makes sense. As your business grows, you might realize you’re getting too busy to handle everything, and that’s where we come in. But if you’re new to working with an outside marketing agency, you probably have questions. Let’s go over the basics and what to expect when hiring a Raleigh marketing agency. 

How We Get Started 

We get to know you, what services you might need, your business, and your goals. We then create a custom proposal based on those discussions. Your company then accepts (we hope!), and we create a contract and scope of work for us both to sign. We agree to a start date and set a time for a kickoff meeting or video call to get started.

How We Work 

You should understand that it will take collaboration and communication from both your end and ours to make our efforts worthwhile. We have found that regular meetings with our clients are essential to seeing progression and eventually, increasing your revenue. Touching base over a phone or video call, at least monthly, helps to sort out any concerns, bring new ideas to the table, and review your progress. 

Marketing comes with new changes every day and it is always helpful when our clients are available by email throughout the day. We may need something as simple as a login and password. You, the client, being available, and willing to respond helps us to do our job and in turn, helps your business grow. 

Level of Services 

You might be thinking that your small to medium-sized business doesn’t need full marketing services. Here at the DofM, we like to say that our marketing efforts are like a faucet. They can be turned on just a little, full blast, or anything in between. Once you turn the faucet on a little, you’ll start to see growth and can keep turning up the faucet over time. In terms of your services, you can hire us for one item, or as your Department of Marketing. 


Here at the DofM, we offer a wide range of pricing for retainer packages. This is a monthly fee which includes the services that we decide on together. Retainer packages can be as little as $1,500 a month up to $10,000. We happily customize pricing based on our client’s needs and we are always willing to change, add, or remove services based on your discretion. 

So, what are you waiting for? Whether your business needs help with marketing tasks here or there or you need a full website redo, we are here to help.