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What the F%@K is Content Marketing and How Can it Help My Business?

OMG. Those marketers and their stupid words. You’ve no doubt heard of content marketing by now. What started as a good idea many years ago has become a joke, a buzzword, and probably part of your boring meeting bingo card.

But we still find plenty of people asking us, “Just what IS this content marketing thing?” So here’s the deal. Content marketing is information in the form of video, blog posts, infographics, ebooks and more. You use this content to reach your customers by offering information they want or find interesting. This content needs to be useful, engaging and written for humans. For example, content can answer FAQs and help guide customers as they consider you against your competitors.sharing content

Types of content include (but aren’t limited to) video, blog posts, white papers, ebooks, infographics, landing pages, guest posts, articles, PR, and social media posts. You might also create content specifically for your sales team to use. However, content marketing is NOT full of sales language and meant to be your moment to show off or yammer on about yourself.

In other words, content marketing is about your customer, not you.

Don’t roll your eyes just yet, because content marketing works. Here come the stats …  

  • 61%  of consumers make a purchase after reading a recommendation on a blog post
  • 6x – Conversation rate of content marketing versus other methods
  • 74% of companies indicate content marketing is increasing their marketing teams’ lead quality and quantity

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How Can Content Marketing Help My Business?

The thing about stats is they sound great, but that doesn’t mean you can expect the same results. The harsh truth is that everyone is now creating content. Boatloads of it, more than anyone could fathom consuming. Your content on Facebook is competing with the post from your customer’s crazy aunt, the video his friend shared, and a flirty comment from his date. Your blog posts are probably not part of someone’s RSS feed. Your podcast with 20 listeners isn’t going far.

So why bother?

Content marketing is a critical part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Content is also used to generate leads, create warmer leads, help sales teams, increase your overall marketing ROI, and help show you as a thought leader and an expert in your industry.

Even if people aren’t following your blog and you’re struggling to rank higher than page 3, that content will help people decide between you and a competitor. Your content will help explain something about your service or product, but also shows the customer who you are and what your company represents. Besides, you’ve got to show people something. Many businesses make the mistake of thinking content is only blog posts. But if you have something visual, make videos. If your service is incredibly dull but necessary (sorry, accountants), content is your chance to stand out by displaying some personality.

Plus, search is becoming increasingly local. Your content may help your current customers recommend you and makes your website or social page look good.

DofM Content Marketing Program
At the DofM, we work with you to produce a custom, strategic approach to content marketing, coordinating it from the start with your other marketing efforts, placing content across your multiple networks and finding creative ways to give your clients and customers useful, interesting information in a way that flows smoothly with your brand. Contact us to get started.

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