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Virtual Reality: A New Era For Marketing

We all knew it was inevitable but did we know it would happen so soon? Tech companies have released VR headsets in the past but they were gawky and less convincing. Now we have the Oculus Rift: a headpiece that transports you into your favorite video game, virtual reality movie, or setting. Other accessories can be purchased such as the Oculus Touch to make the experience even more exciting. And we have VR smartphone apps: using secondary pieces such as the Google Cardboard to transport yourself into VR, right from your living room couch.

So what does this mean for marketers? We are always looking for new perspectives. This is something that many customers have yet to experience; a whole new era for marketing.

And how does this change the game? We are glad you asked.

  • Perspective – VR will allow us to tell stories and reach audiences in a unique way. We can produce experiences and emotions that many have never felt with a product or service. Not to mention – distractions will be an all time low. With the headset on, it will almost be impossible for the user to pay attention to anything else.
  • Interaction – Marketers are able to customize their audience’s experience. Imagine this: You want to renovate your house. What better way to shop than to experience first hand your dream kitchen or bathroom through VR.
  • Impressions – Marketers are leaving lasting impressions on their audience. Our brains are programmed to remember locations. Transportation definitely leaves a lasting impression of products and services on our audience’s memory.

Some companies have already used VR to reach their audiences, and we are taking notes. *Make sure to watch the videos too!

  • Marriott Transporter – Wondering where you should go for your next vacation? Marriott wants you to experience a little taste of your next destination with their new 4D experience. Marriott partnered with Framestore VR Studio and Relevant to create a honeymoon teleporting experience for newlyweds right outside the New York City Court House. They set up a booth like structure with wind jets and heaters to transport the newlyweds to places such as London and Hawaii. Marriott made a name for themselves through this cutting-edge campaign.

  • TopShop – A multinational fashion retailer gave their audience an experience of a lifetime. They offered the public a front row seat to their fashion show — right from a chair in their London store. They really set the bar high with this one. It was one of the first commercial live streaming VR campaigns ever.                      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUal_Lrhec0
  • Coca-Cola – Last year, Coca-Cola released a VR Christmas campaign for its audience in Poland. Hundreds of people were able to experience Santa’s sleigh ride. Coca-Cola boosted their brand and gave their audience an experience that they would never forget. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFL2Dk2HYro
  • Michelle Obama’s VR Infographic – The first lady created a virtual reality campaign, highlighting the social media successes made by Barack Obama’s presidency. It was the very first VR Infographic of it’s kind. What better way to engage your audience and promote your company mission than transporting your audience into the middle of it.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QY72R3ZDzw
  • Volvo – Shopping for a new car isn’t always easy. Volvo gave its customers a VR test drive through beautiful landscapes in the XC90 SUV. They were able to experience the test drive from the comfort of their home. Will this become the standard for more vehicle manufacturing companies?                                                                    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wuln2bJkp1k

Virtual Reality is no longer a futuristic ideal. Companies are already starting to look at its possibilities and the customers love it. Looking for the newest, freshest way to reach your audience? This may be it.