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The Top 7 Reasons We Aren’t Sharing Your Content

You wake up breathing, sweating from the night terrors. It’s every content marketer’s worst nightmare: You create some content and NO ONE likes it!

It has happened to all of us at some point. You think your content will blow your followers away. You publish and wait. Still waiting… And no one shares it. Why isn’t your audience engaging? Was all that hard work for nothing? Yes. Slightly joking, but there are legitimate reasons why your content may not be getting shared with the social world.

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These are the top 7 reasons we aren’t sharing your content:

1) You were too late. Creativity points mean everything when it comes to new content. Rewriting stories that have been harped on, by everyone, will not gain you any popularity points. Use your search engine and pay attention to the news, so you can stay ahead of the current trends. If a topic is still trending, find different angles to approach it.

2) Your content is boring. Find topics that are going to resonate well with your audience, and don’t forget to add some imagery. Good luck getting anyone to share a text-heavy post with zero images. Even better – add a video. Your content needs visual cues to make an impact on the social media world.

3) You forgot your call-to-action. Always ask for comments and come up with creative ways to get your audience to share. Let them know how sharing will benefit the cause, challenge them to share for awareness, or just ask. Make sure your social media buttons are easily accessible for the reader to share and test your link to make sure it doesn’t need any troubleshooting.

4) You aren’t using the right social sites. You want us to share this where?! There is a time and a place for everything, including different social sites. Don’t give us your LinkedIn button when your content consists of this summer’s hottest celebrities. Know your audience and know what social sites they are on.

5) Your headline doesn’t catch our eye. We can’t say this enough. Your headline is just as important as the content itself. You have to get your reader hooked and reeled before you can just assume that they are going to click and share. Hubspot created this headline tool that will help you make better headlines. Also, we like it when a description works well without any additional work. Use a SEO plugin if needed.      

6) Sorry, but we don’t trust you. Your reputation means a lot more than you may realize. If you are posting a bunch of bologna and then expect results from an actual share-worthy post, don’t expect big results. Do the following if you are having trouble gaining your audience’s trust:

  • Create quality content on a consistent basis.
  • Nurture your social media relationships and respond to reviews on all platforms.
  • Keep the sales pitches to a minimum.

7) We aren’t motivated. #1 in marketing – know your audience. You also need to know how they are motivated when sharing content on social media sites. Six different audience types have been identified when it comes to motivation:

  1. The Altruist – shares content with the desire of helping others.
  2. The Careerist – shares professional content to gain value for their own network.
  3. The Hipsters – share cutting-edge and creative content.
  4. The Boomerangs – share content that will get reactions, even if they are negative.
  5. The Connectors – share content to make plans and stay connected with others.
  6. The Selectives – share content that they can personalize and want responses.

There is no guaranteed recipe to get people to share your content. But you can learn from your past mistakes, make changes, stay consistent, and be patient. That viral piece of content is in you somewhere. You just have to do some work to find it. Contact us today and learn more about content and how it can help your business.