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The Why Behind Your Raleigh Business Website

Your Raleigh business website needs to have good navigation, design, and content. But even more important: the means to achieve your company goals. Oliver explains more about the end goal of a Raleigh business website.


The Why Behind Your Website. Since the inception of the Internet, businesses have been told they need to have a website or they just won’t be taken seriously. Of course, today that’s absolutely true. Most company owners are aware that their website needs to look professional. Still many think their site looks professional when it doesn’t — but that’s not for this segment.

What most businesses struggle to execute is the “why” of the website. With your business website, what are you trying to accomplish? That sounds like a simple question, but if you ask business owners, you’ll see a huge disconnect from what they want their website to accomplish and how the website has actually been constructed.

When creating your next website, consider these questions.

  • What is the website’s main goal?
  • What is the website’s secondary goal?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What are your company’s mood, tone, and personality?

These should be the first things you discuss with your website design company when looking to build your first or your next website.

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