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The Future of Search (Where Google is Headed)

Search Engine Optimization sometimes seems like a cat-and-mouse game. But if you want to know where Google is headed, the best place to look is Matt Cutts, who heads up the Google webspam team. (Watch a video of this post.)

SEO gurus are always trying to stay one step ahead of Google. There has always been a “gaming of the system” that many so-called gurus practice. But with each new update to its algorithms, Google aims to thwart black hat behavior.

Photo by Sean MacEntee.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Cutts gives great insight into what companies need to do to improve their search results, such as links, strong content, and good design. With the most recent Google Penguin release, some aspects of your company website are now more important than ever, including comprehensive content and continual content updates.

One thing that has been constant since day one is the importance of links, and this factor is not likely to change. Links are references back to your website, and are best described as “votes.” Not all links are the same. There are in essence three types of links: bad links, weak links, and strong links. The more strong links you have, the better you will rank.

Design and Content
Having a well-designed website is pretty self-explanatory. We have all seen poorly designed sites, and the end result is that we will not be returning.
Comprehensive content means being thorough about what it is that you do. You can’t just slap down a small amount of content and expect search engines to know what you do. Yet you do not want to go overboard and have the readers’ eyes glaze over. Instead, give a thorough understanding of your offering and its value for the viewer and the search engines.

The other hugely important factor is your business blog. Search engines not only like comprehensive information, but they love fresh relevant information as well. Search engines are indexing your website on a weekly basis, and when they see fresh relevant information about the topics you are trying to rank for, it will really help your search cause.

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