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Social Media for Startups: A Cheat Sheet for Getting Started

We’ve compiled all of the necessary tips and tricks to remember when you’re building a new social media account. Whether you want to publicise your grand opening, connect with clientele, or just get the word out about your small business, social media is a useful tool.

How (and Why) to Create Buyer Personas

One often overlooked aspect of marketing is the concept of a buyer persona. A buyer persona is a fictional representation of your customer. It uses data to generalize the types of people that are looking to buy from you — and who you’re looking to sell to.

5 Ways to Tackle Local Link Building

We all know digital marketers want good results when it comes to SEO, and one of the best ways to earn a high ranking is through link building. But, we aren’t going to lie to you: it is difficult, even if you have a perfectly outlined strategy. Getting others to share your link on their site can be a bit tricky.

3 Signs You are Ready to Commit to Marketing

Business owners often get going on their business and then think about marketing later. While we don’t advocate that approach, we understand how it happens. But when your business starts to grow (or doesn’t!) and you decide you want marketing, be sure you are fully prepared to commit, because marketing is a long-term relationship.

Why Your Business Needs to Be Using Live Video

Live video is taking over social media. But live streaming isn’t merely a fad that your business can avoid, learn how you can make live video work for you.

4 Ways Your Company Can Beat the Big Guys

Size matters — at least in the business world. There are top companies in every industry imaginable and it can be tough for small businesses to get a leg up on the big guys. But there are a few things that can give you a boost on the Big Boys out there.

Four Tips to Make Facebook Work for Your Small Business

You have to go beyond the initial “like” and engage your customers constantly, and Facebook makes it easy (and inexpensive) to do just that.