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8 Success Secrets of Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail is often considered the black sheep of the marketing family, and for all the wrong reasons. There is a common misconception with business owners that direct mail isn’t effective in a digital era, but that is incorrect. Direct mail has many attributes that make it an extremely useful marketing tool. Not sure how to implement an effective DM campaign? Here are our eight success secrets.

Why Print Should Be Part of Your Marketing Plan

With the Internet boom came a host of sources claiming, “It’s the end of print advertising!” The experts at the DofM believe that the ideal marketing mix for your business will actually include both online and print marketing elements.

Balance Traditional and Digital Marketing for the Best Blend

Although marketing is an ever-changing world, we can’t forget its roots. Marketing began with word of mouth, which is considered traditional marketing. Since then, we’ve added marketing strategies that focus on the Internet and social media, referred to as digital marketing. Each has its own pros and cons.

The Dos and Don’ts of Marketing for 2016

The beginning of a year is always the most impactful because it is a time where new goals and ideas are flying around waiting to be put into action. Before you start planning, take a look at the dos and don’ts of marketing for 2016 to make sure you’re on the right track with your business.

4 Stats to Make You Rethink Print Marketing

Online only? Not so fast. Print marketing is alive and well. These 4 stats show why it should be part of your marketing mix.

3 Print Ads We LOVED in 2013

A great print ad can be compelling and captivating with a picture alone. February is a month to cherish what you love, so we wanted to share some of the advertisements we loved in 2013.