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4 Effective Marketing Trends that Aren’t Going Away

Today, there are four top marketing trends that will continue to be successful for some time: video, content, data, and mobile.

Why Optimizing Website UX Could Be Your Next SEO Solution

Wondering how you can boost your SEO performance? User experience (UX) might be the reason. Low UX usually presents itself as poor SEO performance and if your users are having a rough experience using your website, then it is easy to see how this translates to low SEO. Here are some UX tips to boost your SEO performance in the coming year.

Why It’s (Past) Time to Make Your Website Responsive

If the Department of Marketing is in charge of your SEO (search engine optimization), you’ve heard us talk about changing your website so that it’s responsive instead of having a separate mobile site.

The SEO Checklist: 8 Steps for On-Site Optimization

SEO sources say keyword targeting is down to less than 15 percent of how sites are ranked. That means your pages have to be worthy in other ways. Here’s our handy checklist for on-site and on-page search engine optimization.

Digital Marketing 101

Digital Marketing. We all hear the words; some of us have professions that are submerged in it, but do we all know exactly what it means? These are two words that are in the air especially in 2016.

Mobile Website v. Mobile App

Does your business need a mobile website or a mobile app? Figure out the pros and cons of each using this infographic.

2013 New Year’s Resolutions: Gotta Get a Mobile Website

Now is the time to create a mobile website for your business.

How to Create a Website That’s Friendly to Your Mobile Users

As the usage of mobile devices continues to increase, mobile marketing brings potential opportunities to grow a business. Retailers and marketers should, therefore, gear up to create websites that could enhance the experience of mobile users.