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Google+ Finally Pulls the Plug: What That Means for Your Business

Google Plus finally pulls the plug, but what does this change mean for your business?

The Changing Landscape of Social Media Apps

In a report just released, CenturyLink identified the top social apps by state. The results went against what many would have predicted.

How to Use Google+ For Your Business

Google+, pronounced “Google Plus”, is a Google social networking platform that can maximize the visibility of a business on Google search pages.

SEO Update: The Latest Google Changes

Triangle business owners keeping an eye on their analytics may have noticed some dips. Here are the latest SEO changes and how they affect your business.

The Future of Search (Where Google is Headed)

SEO can seem like a cat-and-mouse game. But as Google seeks to thwart black hat practices, marketers should stick to the basics: links, content and a blog.

Social Signals Affect Google Rankings

The addition of “social signals” into Google’s algorithm will make it a lot easier to improve your rank on Google.

Can Google+ Pull Away Users from Facebook?

The big question, however, is whether Google will be able to beat out Facebook in the social media arena. Will it get any success at pulling away users from Facebook, which currently is the social space leader?