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3 Signs You are Ready to Commit to Marketing

Business owners often get going on their business and then think about marketing later. While we don’t advocate that approach, we understand how it happens. But when your business starts to grow (or doesn’t!) and you decide you want marketing, be sure you are fully prepared to commit, because marketing is a long-term relationship.

5 Tips to Better Position Your Company Brand

Brand positioning should be the backbone of your marketing strategy, and if it isn’t, you may be in trouble. Are you having trouble establishing your brand position? Here are our tips for making your brand stronger than ever.

The Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency Instead of an In-House Team

There are many pros and cons to hiring an outside marketing agency for your business. However, in our opinion, the pros outweigh the cons by a lot. Think we’re biased? Read on to find out how you can benefit from hiring a marketing agency.

Six Facts about Business Brands

Some companies ignore a brand, but each company has one, even if it wasn’t intentionally created. What you need to know about your Raleigh business brand.