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5 Tips to Better Position Your Company Brand

Brand positioning should be the backbone of your marketing strategy, and if it isn’t, you may be in trouble. Are you having trouble establishing your brand position? Here are our tips for making your brand stronger than ever.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Sponsoring Events

Sponsorships can be a great way to build brand awareness. Sponsorships also give you the opportunity to give back to the community and make connections that may help your business later. But pick your sponsorship wisely. In order to help you in the process, we put together our do’s and don’ts of sponsoring events.

TWC Changed to Spectrum. Is it Time for Your Brand Refresh?

Time Warner Cable. Ugh. You may cringe just reading the words. They are the cable company that everyone loves to hate. But you won’t be hearing that name again because TWC is no more as of this year. We agree with their marketing team for changing the name. But, how do you decide when it is time for a brand refresh?

Raking In The Customers With Your Company Culture

Companies use cultured brands to their advantage in order to market and advertise their promotions, content, and everything in between. So why do you care?

3 Reasons It’s Time for a New Website

As a marketing company, we often encourage our clients to create a new website. They may think we’re dreaming up ways to make money, but actually, we have good reasons for suggesting a renovation.

This blog post is for women!

Encompassing over half the world’s population, yet still a mystery to the other, women continue to baffle the minds of marketers. Men’s Health learned last week that even its male readers are sick of the same, lazy assumptions about the opposite sex.

How Branding Works: The Value in Knock-Off Items

When it comes down to it, it is not just the marketing that matters. What is it about name-brand products that make us want to keep paying extra?

Goldfish vs. Whale Marketing: Brand Judgement

We all judge a book by its cover. How does this affect your marketing? Head to head: whales vs. goldfish.

How to Manage Different Brands: Interview with Mindy Stroupe

Whether you like Greek cuisine, Ocean front vistas, or pub style dining, LM Restaurants, Inc. (LMR) manages an extremely diverse fleet of restaurants. Mindy Stroupe shares her tips for marketing different brands.

Brand Building to Prevent Extinction

Everyone knows the biggest brand names, but few understand the importance of building a brand for their own company. Here is why you need a brand.