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Stop Messing Up Beautiful Website Designs

Art is subjective. And to some degree, website design is an art.

But it’s also a science, one in which we marketers take into consideration human behavior: where the eye travels on a web page, where people are likely to click, what they are seeking.

So please, stop messing up our beautiful website designs. Note: We like the website designs we used as images for this post.

We know. That’s harsh. You ask us to design a website for your company and we’re all excited to get going. Our designers have beautiful ideas. We then ask you for examples of websites you like so we can incorporate some of those aspects. This sometimes goes one of two ways, both of which lead to a poor end result.

A – Some share websites that look like they were built in 1998. Again, website design is an art. Maybe you love the way that site looks. But we’re going to have more trouble agreeing on a design. Think of us as your interior designers. You might like the 1970s furniture, but we’re telling you it’s not going to look professional and classy. In the end, it’s your business, and we give in to your wishes. But we’re not going to be proud of that work. We’re not going to share it with everyone or enter it into a contest. And in truth: your business won’t shine the way both of us want it to.

B – Others share some more current looks. Great! We create the home page mockup and everything is going well. Until … It doesn’t. First you want to add this widget. Fine. Then you want to put some more text below the fold. Then you want to cram something else in there. Our classy, clean website suddenly looks like a child’s bedroom floor — stuff strewn everywhere. The visitor’s eye is going to be lost. Your business won’t shine the way both of us want it to.

You are our customer and we want to make you happy. We want you to end up with a website you love. But our goal is also to create a beautiful and USEFUL website for you. So as you make this little change or that one to the design, don’t forget to step back and look at the big picture.

Then, your business will shine the way both of us want it to.

Check out our website portfolio for some websites we like.