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Social Signals Affect Google Rankings

Every business wants to be at the top of the page when someone Googles something related to their field of work. With what seems like a never-ending amount of websites for clients to peruse, trying to improve your websites rank can feel like a daunting task. Thankfully, the addition of “social signals” into Google’s algorithm will make it a lot easier to improve your rank on Google.

When Google was first created, rank was determined by the links found between pages. Therefore, building links to your site was the central way to climb the rank totem pole. Unfortunately, the number of sites or people that could actually link to you was rather slight. (Or, you paid non-related sites to link to you, which is considered bad form now.)

Social Media Matters in SEO
Thankfully, as the use of social media has boomed and expanded in the marketing field, Google has created a way for social media to influence the rank of sites. Google is now able to judge the authoritative qualities of a site by viewing the amount of “likes” a site receives. Whether the “likes” are likes/shares are on a Facebook page, a “tweet,” or something else, there are a variety of different websites that Google views as rank-worthy. Combined with the personal connections between users of varying social sites, it is easier than ever to improve your business’s rank on Google.

Other Reasons to Create Social Accounts
Not only do the social signals positively affect your rank within Google’s algorithm, but they also help to spread a sense of trust from user to user. For example, if you own or manage a restaurant, not only are your social signals going to boost your name to the top of Google’s search results, but a client is much more likely to try your restaurant if they see that one of your mutual friends on Facebook or Twitter has liked your restaurant. Using this kind of social media creates a sense of trust and community between websites, “linkers,” and the client base.

As you and your business begin to maximize social media and improve your social signal standing within Google, it is essential to remember that a critical part of increasing your rank is going to reaching a variety of demographics. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest have a wide array of users, and in order to take advantage of the social signal portion of Google’s algorithm, you have to expand your social media reach.