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Six Facts about Business Brands

The brand of a Raleigh or Durham company is so valuable, it might be considered part of the company’s assets, listed on a balance sheet.

Some companies ignore a brand, but each company has one, even if it wasn’t intentionally created. So whether your company has a clearly defined brand and image or has never thought about it, here are six facts about branding:

1. A brand is a relationship with the customer. Your brand is a promise to a customer or client. What the company does, makes, or offers is one thing. But who you are as a company is another. The brand is your soul. A logo is not a brand, but it is part of your brand, along with the personality and attitude presented on your website, the tagline, uniforms worn by your staff, and much more.


2. Brands are powerful. When shopping for a product at the grocery store, why do you choose one over another? We know people who refuse to buy anything other than Jiff peanut butter. Why? Aren’t they all about the same? Something about that brand stuck with that person.

Whether you realize it or not, you may be swayed by branding. The same is true for all companies, from the Garner dentists to the Raleigh financial management company. People may choose your brand, your company, your service over another based on the messaging you send out.

3. Every brand needs a champion to survive. The company brand should be part of every email, every printed document, every phone call. Salespeople, especially, should be familiar with the company brand, whether that’s certain phrases, promises, attitudes, or something else entirely. Still, someone at the top needs to help keep a brand moving forward by bringing it up during meetings and asking how changes fit into the brand.

4. Your brand should be used consistently. The brand your company chooses should be consistent across all platforms and adopted by everyone from the CEO down. Social media is one easy place to track your messaging. But are you handing out the same message on Twitter that you do on your website or in a brochure?

5. Brands aren’t just for large companies. The budget of your Raleigh business may not be the same figures seen in the boardrooms at Coca-Cola. That doesn’t mean you can’t create and own a brand. Good branding should be part of the strategy from the start, whether your company is one person or 100.

6. Brands need maintenance. Your brand is like an outfit. Depending on how fashionable it is, it might go out of style and need a refresh. Or, company changes may mean you outgrow your brand. Good branding can last a company forever, but not without some adjustments here and there. Make time regularly to assess how your brand matches up with how customers/clients perceive your product/service.

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