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Why Your Outdated Blog is More Important Than You Think

Is your business blog a little dusty — hasn’t seen a post in a few months? Starting to think it’s no longer worth your time? Many small businesses do not see the value in maintaining a weekly (or even monthly) blog, so you’re not alone. But an outdated blog is not a lost cause and should never be completely deleted.

Blogs are content and content drives people to your site, not to mention helping you rank better in search engines. Here are a few other reasons NOT to delete that blog:

  • Blog posts are almost always dated when they are posted, so readers know when the information was published and can judge whether things may have changed. Old posts do not equate to misleading or incorrect posts. Content simply does not have an expiration date on the web.
  • Blogs are archives of what was going on in your business or industry through different periods of time. Having old posts provides readers with a snapshot of your company and lends authority to your business.

    Image by Alexander Baxevanis. (https://www.flickr.com/photos/futureshape/)

  • Content is king and blogs are essentially a stockpile of content. An informative, engaging blog will drive traffic to your site beyond your normal customer base. It will make others want to link to your content, and these links will then help your search engine rankings.
  • Shutting down your blog will cause you to lose all the link juice that may have been pointing search engines to that content. This will have a negative effect on your rankings and cause traffic to your site to decrease.
  • Blogs increase the size of your website over time, providing you with a higher number of pages and an increase in website authority. This will be a major benefit in your search engine ranks.
  • Even if you believe you do not have the time or resources to blog, scale back the schedule before removing it altogether. Even a post once each month that gives some info about what is going on at the company or in the industry is enough to help and keep the home page of the blog from looking neglected.

If you decide you absolutely MUST remove your blog, then redirect the old pages to the home page or a category page on your site so all those valuable archives aren’t lost.

A blog is a great way to give your customers a behind-the-scenes look at your company or provide them with valuable information about your industry. Just because your blog hasn’t seen the light of day in a while is no reason to scrap it altogether. Start with small steps and commit to writing a post once a month. Over time, you will see big results! Don’t have the bandwidth? Contact the DofM team.