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Why Optimizing Website UX Could Be Your Next SEO Solution



Wondering how you can boost your SEO performance? User experience (UX) might be the reason. Low UX usually presents itself as poor SEO performance and if your users are having a rough experience using your website, then it is easy to see how this translates to low SEO. Here are some UX tips to boost your SEO performance in the coming year.

  1. Remember your audience.

Look at your website from the eyes of your user. If your site appears unattractive and cluttered, then naturally you can expect to have a higher bounce rate and lower conversion rate.

  1. Pour on the content.

When thinking about index rankings and page content, pages that are fairly thin content-wise often don’t fare well in search indexes. This is because for a user it should be easy to find the all the information they need without having to go to this page or that when it could all be condensed into one. To encourage brands to use this logic, Google rewards websites with content rich pages.

  1. Make site navigation easy.

Make sure your website has clear navigation paths. The user needs to be able to reach their goal when visiting your website, and if this is too difficult they will leave quickly. You can help them navigate your site by presenting clear navigation labels, relevant call-to-action buttons, and user paths that are clear and understandable.

  1. Improve your website design.

Good SEO starts with great website design. Reassess and improve your website design to be more responsive, inviting, and clear; this can boost your overall conversion rate.

  1. Make it mobile friendly.

With Google’s announcement of their upcoming mobile-first indexing, sites are scrambling to adopt a more mobile-friendly experience. With more Internet traffic now originating from mobile devices than desktops, it’s important to incorporate user’s mobile experience into your SEO strategy going forward.

Make it a point to focus on your user this year. Considering that their online experience is absolutely critical to your SEO success, it is definitely a worthy cause to pursue. By making these five improvements to your website UX, you can increase your conversion rates.