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My Content Marketing Isn’t Working: 7 Things You’re Doing Wrong

You’ve heard it millions of times, “Content is key.” Content is what your consumers see, how you sell your product or service and essentially how well your business runs. So what do you do when your content and marketing methods aren’t reaching your consumer in the ways you’ve intended? Here are seven things you might be doing wrong.


  • You’re not creating content for your target market.
    You’re creating marketing strategies that you think will appeal to your target audience or potential consumer. But have you really assessed your audience? And what your audience wants? If you have trouble answering, “Who is my audience?” you will want to change your approach.
    How to fix it: Focus in on a specific demographic or a fine niche. You can’t please everyone, but you can produce more relevant and valuable content for a specific group.
  • Your content is #basic.
    If your content doesn’t set you apart from other competitors, its likely that you’ll be overseen because consumers are less likely to see it as something worth reading. Another problem might be that your content is dull and boring to your reader.
    How to fix it: Make your content more appealing and interesting to your reader. Find ways to include examples from your work and make it from YOU.
  • Your content isn’t showing up on search engines.
    SEO and content are related. If you do not push your content on search engines, you will not be found. Use correct keywords and fill out the meta description to help your content. (Note: just doing those two things is not a guarantee. SEO is an ongoing effort with many facets.)
    How to fix it: You can handle keyword research using tools like Google’s Keyword Planner or Keyword Explorer. Make sure you are using words that your audience is likely to find you.
  • You’re not listening to what your consumers want.
    The saying regarding customer service goes, “the customer is always right.” Well, this is also true pertaining to marketing. Surprisingly, your consumers may hold many of the ideas that can make your product or service just a step better than the rest; they are the ones using what you have to offer.
    How to fix it: Incorporate your customer’s ideas into marketing, make surveys for customers to fill out and collect data on what is favorable and what is not.
  • You’re doing it “wrong” on social media.
    While trying to promote and market your brand you are coming across as annoying. This could be caused by a plethora of things; you’re tweeting way too much, you’re trying to be funny but in turn, you’re just bothersome. You may just be posting at the wrong times.
    How to fix it: Before posting a blog entry or content that will be visible to your consumer base, have someone edit it; this seems to be a no-brainer. Often something we think is catchy or funny may not be funny to others. Make sure you are posting at times that your consumers are more likely to be active on social media. You don’t have to guess about this; rely on analytics tools to see when your fans are online.
  • You need to increase your followers.
    Without follows, no one can see your content.
    How to fix it: Offer special discounts or promotions, “follow our Facebook and Instagram page to get 10% off your next order.” Post content that is relatable to your target audience. Follow others to get follows back. Engage with other pages and other accounts.
  • You stop producing content when you don’t see immediate results.
    You may feel discouraged when your approach doesn’t pay out as expected and feel like quitting altogether.  If there is no content to be seen, future customers have a slim chance of finding your service. Content marketing is a long-term effort, and results will take a long time. Ideally, you combine content marketing with other marketing efforts (based on a strategy).
    How to fix it: Just like many other things in life, the way you market yourself must be innovative and unique, the way you market yourself is your pitch to your consumer, patience is key, success in marketing takes time.

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