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Marketing to Beat your Holiday Competition

‘Tis the season to be marketing. But if you’ve just begun, you are already too late.

It happens every year: customers wait until the last minute to finish their holiday shopping and yearly agendas. The holiday season is exploding with customer awareness and desire. Marketing can make the difference of customers choosing your business over someone else’s. In order to beat your competition in this season of consumer chaos, you must plan accordingly. Whether it’s social media, direct marketing, sales promotions, or advertising, you need to take advantage of these opportunities and aim high with your sales and promotions.
Here are six ways to beat the competition for your holiday marketing.

1) Be prepared.
You should start your holiday marketing plan no later than summer. That way, your business will have plenty of time for any last-minute marketing that becomes available. Update your list of leads and decide how you’re going to launch campaigns via communication channels. The Internet has become the holy grail of all channels, but don’t exclude broadcast or print either. These channels may help you stand out from the rest, and allow you to produce something that your competitors are not taking advantage of. Partner with non competing companies so your customers will be reminded of how great you are.

Photo by Ged Carroll.

Photo by Ged Carroll.

2) Stand out from the crowd.
It is important to be unique with your holiday marketing. Show originality by letting your company’s culture and personality shine. Make sure that your advertisements and campaigns stand out from your competition. Spice up your websites and social media pages to encourage customers to visit your company’s page. Doing so will create word-of-mouth from your audience and can create fantastic revenue sources for your business.

3) Offer specials.
Be competitive with your sales and offer time-limited specials to encourage your customers to buy now. Price match guarantees, coupons, and add-on incentives are a great way to keep your customers interested in your business. Everyone loves a great deal!

4) Be consistent.
It is important to market your products or services often. Remind your customers of what you have to offer. Run campaigns, send e-mails, and use social media on a weekly basis to bring awareness to your clients. Don’t let them forget that you provide the best service or product on the market.

5) Know your target audience.
Understand what your audience is looking for. Be sure to apply the correct marketing tactics for your specific niche. Marketing to a broad population can lead to confusion from your customers. Know what your customers are looking for, and give them what they want.

6) Analyze and evaluate.
Make sure you are able to measure how well your holiday marketing techniques have worked. It will help you keep a record of your return on investments, and it will help you understand how to improve for the following year.