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Market #LikeAGirl

GIRL POWER: What we can learn from these ladies’ 3 powerhouse advertisements

Video Advertisement: Always #LikeAGirl Campaign

SYMBOLIC: Employs emotional appeal

RELATABLE: Fights a relevant stereotype relatable to the target market

BRAND ASSOCIATIONS: Uses powerful brand associations (i.e. self-confidence)

SHAREABLE: The video that has been viewed well over 50 million times, can be viewed here: http://goo.gl/SV6VjR


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SUPERIOR IMAGERY: Draws on dramatic eye catching imagery

ATTENTION GRABBING: utilizes persuasive and thought provoking content

DESIGN AND LAYOUT: Uses key colors and space distribution

SIMPLICITY: The message is simple and easily understood by consumers

ADDS VALUE: Showcases the end benefit, which is valuable to the consumer, in this case, a drastically slimmer waste line


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CONVENIENCE: Makes the purchase of a product convenient to the customers

EFFECTIVE DISPLAY: Showcases the product effectively

SET APART: Being able to purchase clothing on this medium stands out among other historical mediums (website, catalog, in-store, etc.)

INNOVATION: Allows customers to shop directly via Instagram, creating a competitive edge