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Interactive Marketing is the New Frontier of Marketing — But What is it?

Incredible improvements have been made in the marketing field as we find new ways to use technology. With the rise of social networking, mobile marketing, web video, blogs, websites, and search engine marketing, it seems there is an endless possibility of ways to market your business. Although all of the aforementioned strategies are effective marketing tools, you can only fine tune them to your clients so much.

What is Interactive Marketing?

Personalizing and tailoring your business’s marketing will take on a whole new meaning. However, some companies mistakenly define interactive marketing as “the use of videos, motion graphics, and audio experiences,” that are now commonly found on websites. While videos, motion graphics, and audio material do induce some kind of personal response from clients, they don’t require interaction.

Instead, interactive marketing moves beyond blanket multimedia approaches and toward an engaging and personalized system of marketing. A good example of a basic interactive marketing feature is a pop-up book, which offers a tactile experience for clients. Rollover interactions can also be used as an interactive marketing tool. The idea is to get the client to comment, click, touch, do, act in some way.

Interactive marketing moves traditional marketing from a one-sided discourse to a channel of communication between both the business and potential clients. Interactive marketing allows the client to explore and give feedback that helps businesses personalize their marketing to the differing needs and desires of their clients. The goal is to create a relationship between the client and the information that is being displayed. Interactive marketing focuses on the individual rather than a general consumer group.