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Increase Your Social Media Following with These Five Tips

Social Media is the way that the world communicates in 2016. According to Smart Insights, 1.968 billion people are active social media users. If you are considering your company’s social media reach, there are 1.968 billion potential clients that you can reach at little or no cost to you or your company. Follow these tips and you could grow your social media reach significantly.

Post frequently

Social media is all about the amount of impressions you make. The more you post, the more impressions you should make. Keep your account updated but don’t post too frequently. You want to post enough so that your followers see your posts regularly, but not so much that their feed is overrun by your posts. Posting to Twitter multiple times a day is much more acceptable than posting more than two or three times a week on Instagram because Twitter is comprised of many short updates while Instagram is focused on pictures that have more meaning to them.

Post original and exciting content

Quantity is important, but it means nothing if there is no quality to your posts. Keep your posts interesting and unique so that your followers look forward to your next post. Everyone has an opinion and most people love sharing theirs. It’s a good idea to ask questions, start polls, or encourage discussion on your posts because it increases the amount of activity on your posts as well as a sense of value to your followers. Sometimes, pictures or other interesting posts might be very popular. If you feel inclined to share such a post, make sure to give the original owner full credit because your followers might think your posts are not original and might unfollow you.

Follow trending topics

A great way to post content that is interesting to your audience is to post on trending topics. Trending topics are certain topics that social media algorithms recognize as being unusually popular. Almost every social media platform lists these topics somewhere on their website and will post relevant posts to those trending topics. Your post on a trending topic could be seen by millions if it makes the popular feed. Topics might be based on hashtags, sporting events, holidays, or breaking news.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are the best way to expand your audience past your followers. Don’t usually add more than three to your post or it starts to get cluttered. Make sure that the hashtags you choose are relevant to the post, broad enough that people will search them, and targeted at the audience you want to reach. The right hashtags might give you more followers

Interact with other pages

Social media is meant for collaboration; that’s why it’s called social media. A great way to grow your page is to interact with the pages that have similar functions as yours. They want to grow as much as you do so some back-and-forth interaction could be great for your page as well as theirs. This is a great way to grow your reach because both sides benefit and your page might gain followers if another page with a larger audience shares one of your posts.


Ultimately, its social media; be social and the benefits will come!