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How To Successfully Launch a Podcast

So you want to launch a podcast? Podcasting is useful in engaging and connecting with your audience on a more personal level than a blog. Plus, podcasting increases your website traffic and SEO just like blogging, or even more so, in some cases.

Brainstorm, Outline, and Plan

Before you start recording, you need to settle logistics. These include some of the fun stuff: the podcast name, episode release schedule, your audience, distribution channels (Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, Google Play) and any recording equipment you may need for production. On top of this, you also must decide on a format for your podcasts. Possible formats could include segmentation, talk-show conversation, and the inclusion of any guests as well.

Practice Makes Perfect

A benefit of podcasts is that they can promote a relationship to your audience in a way that is similar to that of videos — without having to look great on camera. After all, some people get stage fright and do not perform well for videos. Even though it’s “just my voice,” you should still rehearse. Think about how you sound as you speak; avoid filler words and repeating crutch phrases. Strive for clear speaking, which may mean altering your tone and level of pronunciation.

You may plan to podcast without a script. If so, consider writing an outline of what you will say. During the first several episodes, this will help you speak well and get your points across. As you become more used to the format, you might rely less on notes or a script, but some podcasters always use them. Your listeners will also find it useful to begin each episode with an outline of the topics to be covered in that session.

Your first three episodes create a theme for your podcast. These “pillar episodes” give listeners the first impression and should be referred back to in future podcasts. When you mention previous episodes, listeners will download them, which increases the popularity and SEO of your podcast.


You probably are not going to be able to record a perfect episode ready for release in a single run, at least at first. Familiarize yourself with the basic editing tools and applications. Phone apps and computer programs are easy to find, whether you’re searching for a professional level or something free and easy. Your editing may include adding music between segment changes or cutting out sections to make the episode shorter.


An organic following may come over time, but effective publicity is still necessary. Here are just a few of the ways you can market your podcast:

    • Create a brand for your show. Your voice and topics are part of your brand, but it’s essential to create a professional logo as well.
    • Promote your podcast on all your social media platforms.
    • Find a fellow podcaster and cross-reference each other’s shows.
    • Advertise on other podcasts or through FB.
    • Email your guests and ask them to share their episode and tag you on social.
    • Get reviews. Ask your listeners and your guests to leave reviews on various podcasting channels.
    • Share video online of you recording the show, especially if you have a guest.
    • Cut snippets of the show for easy listening and sharing.
  • Create a newsletter that goes out automatically when you publish new episodes.   

Podcasts can be a creative way to increase your SEO, while engaging more effectively with an audience. Hearing you speak on a topic that you are passionate about allows listeners to gauge your personality and expertise. Talk to us about marketing your new podcast project.