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How to Share Reviews to Increase Website Traffic and Sales

Displaying reviews on your website is important.  A Consumer Review Survey purported that 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. That alone should be enough to convince you, but even more so, reviews can boost your search engine optimization (SEO) and keep customers on your website longer. Here are the best ways to show off your customers’ reviews to increase sales and improve website traffic.

Reviews Matter

Reviews are an invaluable educational resource for both customers and businesses. Customer reviews provide insight into what is working well and what isn’t. Reviews build trust among future customers and help them make decisions about your products. Soliciting, sharing, and replying to reviews also gives you an opportunity to engage and build a relationship with customers who have recently purchased a product or service.

Beyond informing future customers and strengthing your current customer base, reviews increase your website’s rankings and diversity of keywords on Google. The more recent and positive reviews a business receives, the more exposure it gets.

Different Reviews, Different Results

Choosing a Platform
Not all review platforms are created equal. A review on Yelp or Google will have a much broader reach than a review on your website page. A lot of clients ask for reviews on their website or through a third-party system, especially dentists and doctors. But those platforms, no matter what they promise, cannot post the review on Google.

When a customer posts a review on Google or Yelp, it is spread across various apps and in turn, garnishes a much larger audience. You should gather reviews on Yelp and Google and then embed them into your webpage – more on that later.

Yelp reviews appear on:

    • Yelp
    • Apple maps in iPhones
    • Voice searches by Alexa + Siri
    • Yahoo Local
    • Mapquest
  • Bing

Google Reviews appear on:

    • Google searches
    • Google Business listing
  • Google map searches

Choosing a Format

Beyond the platform, the format of a review also has its advantages. It’s important to solicit versatile reviews that can be posted on various channels. Written reviews, a rating system, and video reviews are all great review options.

    • Video reviews are shown to be more emotionally appealing to viewers. Video reviews also have the potential to create trust more so than the written word. A video review keeps your visitors engaged and on your site for a longer period, which boosts your google ratings.
    • Written reviews are advantageous in that there is more text content for search engine spiders to crawl. If a business has many reviews, readers will spend more time on the website and increase the page rank. It’s good practice to place reviews on the product or service page itself. This gives you the opportunity to rank for related search terms, the combination of the product name and positive attributes, and related long-tail keywords. Reviews also allow customers to describe your product and may use language and keyword phrases that future customers will use when searching for your product.
  • Along with video and written reviews, it’s good to have a rating system. A rating system attracts visitors’ attention quickly because it’s very effortless to understand the quality of the service or product. Thankfully Google and Yelp already include one, but if you are also collecting reviews through a plugin or some other website feature, it is worth adding a rating system.

Ask For Reviews

Ask and encourage your past and current customers to review your business in a variety of ways; we suggest at least Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Using these already verified mega-platforms provides an element of trustworthiness that your customers seek.

You need to make it easy and painless for customers to review. One of the easiest ways is to send a follow-up email with a link. You may need to include instructions for people who aren’t familiar with how to leave a review.

How to Display Your Reviews on Your Website

Once you solicit reviews, migrate them over to your website. It’s crucial to embed reviews from Google and Yelp on your website for a variety of reasons. First, it keeps customers on your company’s website longer, this helps SEO and increases sales. Customers can browse reviews and work towards a decision instead of clicking out to a third-party review site, getting distracted, and ultimately not buying your product.

Second, we discussed how text reviews add a new vocabulary around your product and generate more keywords and long-tail keywords using customers’ words versus your marketing speak. When customers search these highly specific phrases, they tend to be looking for exactly what they are going to buy. You could significantly increase your search engine visibility and therefore sales simply by having customer reviews not only on your website but directly on your product pages.

Whichever page you decide to share reviews on, ensure that you embed the reviews directly from the main review platform and that the text appears in your website’s HTML. Basically, make sure your reviews aren’t JavaScript, Flash, Images, etc that could prevent search engines from reading the content.

Share Reviews
You have solicited and presented your customers’ reviews on your website; now it’s time to share them. Spread the kind words about your business across various social feeds. A Consumer Review Survey found positive reviews make 73 percent of consumers trust a local business more, which means sharing positive reviews are probably more convincing than your own marketing messages.  Pick a few positive reviews and share them periodically to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can even use different reviews to highlight unique aspects of your product or service that you’d like your audience to know about. If your followers agree with a review, they’re likely to comment or share the post with their friends, increasing your reach even further.

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