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How To Engage With Others on Social Media

Some businesses feel like they’ve got social media figured out. They are posting interesting content, getting a little engagement, and have a good flow going.

But something is missing.

Your social media presence is not a one-sided interaction. Internet users have reported their perception of a business’ accountability and availability is strongly influenced by the social media presence. To be successful on the internet you must, of course, post content that captures your audience’s attention. However, social media is a conversation. If you’re posting to your page, you’re talking, but not listening.  

There are several ways to make sure your conversation isn’t a one-way street.


How to Converse with Your Social Media

  • Reply. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., readers can comment on your posts as well as send you messages. When users respond to your content, you should reply as soon as possible, aiming for no more than two hours later. By being proactive, you present yourself as a company that values customer input.

  • Seek and share. Seek posts on social media that you can comment on as your business. Follow local businesses, customers, vendors, clients, or others with whom you interact in real life. While logged in as your business, comment on their posts and like their content.

  • Tag. Social media is about being social. If your team goes out to lunch, tag the restaurant and share a photo. If you and a client just completed an awesome project, share that news and tag him/her.

    Other Thoughts

    On Facebook and LinkedIn, you are able to post more thoughtful comments detailing your opinions or thoughts on the content. Individuals use LinkedIn to network and learn more about professionals, so your responses on there should really include well-thought out posts demonstrating that your business’ expertise in the field. When you post on platforms such as these, the aim is to engage with the internet on a formal basis.

    Hashtags – Over on Instagram and Twitter, things are informal. When responding on these platforms, use hashtags on each so that when people search these, they find your business.

    Alerts – If you don’t already have this, sign up for a google alert for your company name. With social media programs such as Hootsuite, Social Oomph, and others, you can also monitor when someone mentions you, even if they don’t tag you. That way you can respond quickly.


    How to Deal With Negative Feedback

    Negative reviews and feedback are an unfortunate reality on social media. As we’ve written about, it’s critical for you to deal with these posts in a constructive way.

    Keeping up with social media more than just posting content, and it’s a lot of work. But the care you put into your social media is going to be reflected in your branding and image. Let us know if you want help with your social media or other marketing.