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How to Create Your Brand Image

You may have a firm grasp on the big picture you’d like to convey to your target audience. Past that point, you may or may not have a definite vision for your overall brand. Whether you are just starting your business or in the process of rebranding, you might struggle to figure out your brand and what that means. If you’ve entrusted outside help (like a marketing agency) with this responsibility, it is helpful to provide guidance so that you’re satisfied with the results of your investment.

Here’s how to determine how you’d like your brand image to come across to your potential clients.

Do Research

Your brand is the overall representation of your business, so you want it done right! Before developing your brand strategy, it is important to understand the different aspects that this process entails. Don’t take a hard stance on specific details before familiarizing yourself with the options. In other words, you might love something, but now is the time to step back and ask yourself if that color, font, or tagline serves your business.

Your logo is the most visual aspect of your brand, so people tend to use “logo” and “brand” synonymously. When designing your logo, there are many different choices to consider, such as shape, font, color, etc. Research can reveal that details as small as the color can impact how your brand comes across to others. Ensure that the choices you’re making evoke the right message about your brand.

Be Authentic

You’ve seen an awkward ad from a corporation using some teenage slang in an effort to fit in. Don’t be like that. From your logo to your slogan to every social media post, make sure that you’re choosing images, colors, fonts, and attitudes that represent the essence of your business.

For the logo, you want the style of your design to evoke this feeling from potential customers or clients who interact with your brand. For example, if you run a quaint bed and breakfast, don’t create a logo that’s reminiscent of a swanky, five-star hotel. Your target audience is more interested in the experience that your business has to offer, so veer toward design elements that are synonymous with that experience.

Make Comparisons

Even if you know who you are as a company, it’s challenging to translate that into colors, fonts, and styles. Before making a firm decision on your design elements, you might find it helpful to study your competitors. Don’t copy their design; this won’t benefit you at all. You can simply see what some of them are doing right, or what they may be doing wrong. Most importantly, you can gain an understanding of what you need to do to make your brand stand out among the masses.

Maintain Consistency

To establish your brand’s image, it is crucial to maintain your brand elements throughout all platforms. Your website, email, social media pages, and print products should express the details that represent your brand.

Don’t just place a logo on your website and nowhere else. If you communicate with your clients via email, put your logo in your email signature. Keeping your brand present at all times allows customers or clients to establish recognition and eventually a devotion to your brand.

We also recommend publishing a brand style guide for your team members. This document outlines how to use the elements of your brand and where.

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