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How to Communicate with Your Marketing Team

Marketing can be confusing for many people. There’s the creative side, which works to develop the best images, messages, and mediums for a campaign. Then there’s the coordinating side, which works with clients to obtain the context of the work and smooth out the details of a job. There’s also the digital folks, who utilize their technological finesse to produce websites, apps, HTML, and more. Sometimes, we marketers forget how involved our work can get! How can marketing teams and their clients make sure they’re on the same page?

Communication is critical to maintaining a healthy client-team relationship. In a recent episode of Twenty Thousand Hertz, podcast host Dallas Taylor pointed out, “We now tend to text, email, or comment on social media largely without our voices… and sometimes it actually feels kinda weird to just call someone. What are we losing when we don’t communicate with our voice?”

Without excellent communication, marketing teams can’t produce the best possible work for their clients, and clients can’t give marketing teams the information they need to produce that work. Today, we encourage both marketers and clients to strengthen their bond by improving that communication. If you don’t know how to kickstart this process, don’t worry; we’ve laid out the basics for you!

  • Don’t assume we know your industry from the team-with-laptopstart. Part of a marketing team’s job is to research your work and ensure that your marketing materials align with your business goals. However, research can only go so far. You’re the expert on your industry, and we want your input! Make sure to give your marketing team as many details as you can about your work. If you run a gym, who typically visits: those working toward weight loss or weightlifting champs? If you sell cars, what kind do you sell: used but loved, or brand-spankin’ new? Different business situations require different marketing tactics.The more information a client can provide about their work, the better!
  • Don’t be scared to ask questions. The worst questions are those not asked! If something doesn’t make sense to you, let your marketing team know. At the Department of Marketing, we send our clients monthly SEO reports to let them know how their content is growing. However, we understand that emails pile up, and many of our clients may be too busy to fish out these messages. We work hard to leave the jargon at the office. Plus, we’re always around to answer any questions you may have.
  • Set up recurring meetings/calls. The best way for both a client and a marketing team to understand what’s going on is by talking regularly. Both marketing teams and their clients have lots of work to do; neither party wants to micromanage the other, and neither really have the time! Scheduling in-person meetings allow the client and the marketing team to set aside time specifically dedicated to an individual marketing project. In-person meetings also make explaining information and visualizing data much easier. However, even a conference call is better than silence! Recurring meetings allow clients to see what progress is occurring and talk about changes and reports; these meetings also help the marketing team make sure that their work is on-target with client’s goals.

If you need a marketing team with the professional skills and experience to help you achieve your business goals, contact us.