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High-Quality Marketing vs. a High Quantity of Marketing Messages

More is always better, right? Not so in marketing. 

One of the most useful marketing tools is your content, whether that’s blog posts, videos, images, advertisements, or something else. Some business leaders take the “spray and pray” approach of sending a lot of messages into the world. Because they are sending so many, they are usually not spending much time on each one, resulting in poor messages that don’t often work. Of course, the idea is that even if you sendlow-quality messages, you send thousands, and perhaps gain one or two customers in the process.

What if you could gain more than that? Wouldn’t you want to try?

That’s a quality approach to marketing. Instead of tossing out random advertisements or sending thousands of spammy emails, research your client or customer. Find out where he or she might be receive those messages. Then focus the message to resonate with his or her problem and how you are the one to solve it.

Sounds easy enough, but it takes work, which is why many companies don’t bother. Let’s look at blog posts as an example. Writing high-quality posts takes a long time. But this content is more likely to garner outside links, which improve your rankings on search engine results pages.

Having increased links to your content will lead to more people wanting to share your content, so you can build a better brand and get even more exposure. If you take the time out and create a great, quality piece of content, that post could prompt someone to sign up for your site or make someone a loyal reader/customer.

How to Create Quality Content

  • Share original ideas. The easy way out on blogs is to rewrite something else. But what do you have to offer? People are reading your content because they want an answer that can lead them to further knowledge. Your content can change how people view your product or service — for better or for worse.
  • Use real photos. Stock photography is cheaper than hiring a photographer, but studies show the real deal resonates with customers — and converts far more. Customers can tell the difference, so be as authentic as possible.
  • Create custom graphics. Your logo should be custom made for you — not something you paid $10 for online that looks rather similar to six other companies in your industry.
  • Create your own videos or other content. The sky’s the limit. What content can you create that shares a story about your brand or helps your customer find an answer?

The goal of marketing is to tell the world about you and draw in potential customers. If you’re pushing out low-quality messages, you’re telling potential customers exactly what type of company you are — one with which they don’t want to do business.

If you stay original, answer the question that is being asked, and have credible sources, you will be ahead of your competition and be a top source for information. Talk to us about creating content that shows your customers the level of quality to which you strive.