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Four Tips to Make Facebook Work for Your Small Business

With new social media sites popping up every other day, it is easy to forget about your old Facebook page. It is no coincidence the social media network has been around (and successful) for so long, and overlooking your Facebook page is a mistake you don’t want to make.

The goal of the site is to help people connect, so it is a natural step for businesses to use Facebook to help them connect to consumers. Now, you may be thinking “I’ve got a Facebook page, and I’ve got a ton of likes!”

But “likes” do not equate customer involvement. You have to go beyond the initial “like” and engage your customers constantly, and Facebook makes it easy (and inexpensive) to do just that.

1. Optimize Your Page.
The first step to reaching more consumers through Facebook is to make sure all your page’s listings are complete and updated. This allows Facebook to recognize your page, therefore making it easier for people to discover you in searches. This also allows your page to show up in Graph Search. Graph Search lets users search for their friend’s favorite places or most visited businesses. Users can type in something like “Restaurants in Raleigh my friends have been to” and receive a list of local restaurants their friends have visited. It’s like digital word-of-mouth marketing, and it is all free.

2. Try Promoted Posts.
Facebook recently revealed a large secret: the average post only reaches 16% of fans, and the other 84% is reached through promoted posts. So instead of relying solely on regular posts, try promoted posts, which are a way of creating ads that appear in the news feed of the people and the friends of those who like your page.

The greatest advantage of promoted posts is that you control the budget based on how many people you want to reach. When you promote a post, Facebook gives you an estimate of how many people will be reached with the budget you set. You can also target your audience, choosing by age, location, or interests to ensure your post reaches exactly the right market.

Photo by nonprofitfacebookguy.

Photo by nonprofitfacebookguy.

3. Consider Facebook ads.
If you want to promote a page, app, or event you may choose to use Facebook ads. These show up on the right side of the news feed, and can also be targeted to a specific audience based on age, gender, likes and interests. When you set up an ad using their ad create tool, Facebook allows you to choose a goal: get more likes, promote posts, get more app users, increase app engagement, or increase event engagement. This allows you, and Facebook, to create a more targeted, focused ad campaign.

Using the “lookalike audiences” tool, you can create a private list of current consumers and then find people similar to them. This helps you to not only reach the people that know about your business, but also the people that share similar interests. The best method is to create several different Facebook ads for different target consumers, and Facebook will automatically optimize the campaign so the majority of your budget goes to the most successful ad.

4. Use Page Insights.
Page Insights is free to any business page, and can really help you understand your consumer and what they like. Page Insights gives you a breakdown of likes, post engagement, page engagement, and reach. This can provide insight into which types of post work the best, or what time of day provides the most reach. You can use this information to help you observe trends and plan for future posts. Beyond information on posts, Insights also gathers information on gender, age and location of fans, which is a great source of demographic information.

Facebook is constantly adding more tools to help out small businesses, and it is crucial to stay up-to-date on the latest updates. Facebook is quickly evolving from a social site to a tool consumers utilize to make buying decisions. You want to be sure your business has a strong presence on a site with proven success and staying power. Not only is Facebook a cost-effective marketing tool, it allows you to reach current and potential clients on a site they visit almost every day.

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