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Five Marketing Aspects to Consider Before 2014

Marketing is all about strategy, and if you have not started to think about your marketing plan for 2014, now is the time to brainstorm.

Here are five aspects of marketing to consider before the new year begins:

1. Audience – To whom are you selling your product or service? Knowing your target is the first step in marketing because there is no point in setting up ads or a branding campaign without knowing about your buyer.

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Photo by Celestine Chua.

2. Goals – There are many reasons to start marketing. This is not about the why of marketing but about the what. What do you want to achieve? The key here is to be specific, either by a number or percentage. For example, “Our goal is to have 50 more leads per month.” Or, “Our goal is to increase sales by 15 percent.”

3. BudgetExperts say 5 to 7 percent of your revenue (gross) should be spent on marketing. Whether that’s possible for you or not, your business should be putting something back into selling itself. Decide on a number before you go shopping so that you can figure out how to get the most for the money you have to spend.

4. Methods – Once you have figured out your goals, audience, and budget, you can decide where and how you will market. It might be Facebook ads, direct mail, SEO for your website, or a rebranding campaign. Different forms of advertising achieve different results and reach different people.

5. Measure. How will you know whether you have achieved your goals? Many companies know to check their Google Analytics or the number of social media likes/shares, but what else are you measuring? Set up a system one month before you begin your marketing to acquire a baseline figure. For example, if you want to increase the number of calls coming in, make sure you know how many come in each month now.

Marketing can feel overwhelming, but even just a few small changes are better than nothing. The important part is to get started before the end of 2014 is here!

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