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How to Engage your Target Audience

“When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.” – Meredith Hill

Marketing is what we do to draw in new leads and customers. To do that, you are looking for ways to get their attention and engage them.

However, as the quote above explains, you can’t market to everyone. The 7 billion people on Earth have different needs, wants, and interests. Not all of them are going to buy from you.

So the first step to engage your target audience is to figure out who that is. Knowing your audience is the fundamental key to any marketing. You more than likely already have a specific target audience in mind.

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How Does Your Audience Engage?
Once you know your target audience, you can take several steps to figure out how they engage, mainly by looking at your previous marketing efforts.

  1. Website. Use your analytics to determine how people arrive at your website. Are they coming directly? Are they coming from a social media post?
  2. Content. What content is appealing to them? Study which pages on your site have the highest page views. On social media, what content receives clicks and likes?
  3. Ads. What ads are driving traffic? Are these TV ads, radio, online banners, Facebook ads?

Studying your past efforts will give you an indication of what approaches are working and what areas required improvement. An essential part is interpreting your stats and acting on the information.

Keep the Customer in Mind
Authors say it’s dangerous to write for the reader, but in marketing, we write ONLY for the customers. Always keep your customer and/or buyer in mind when creating engaging content. Strive to develop content that always speaks to the audience you’re trying to reach. What bothers him or her? What problem are you solving? Why would he/she choose your product or service over another? Ask your current clients or customers why they wanted you, what they love about you, what’s not working well for them. Use these insights to move forward. 

Make sure you diversify your content to capture each layer of the sales funnel. A customer who is in the “just gathering some information” stage wants to read about one thing, while a customer who is “ready to buy/vetting this particular organization,” may be more interested in another blog post.

Further, diversify the types of content you create: infographics, videos, guides, how-tos, lists, research and original data all perform well. Consider including these types of material to keep your posts fresh.

Consistency is Key
After you identify your audience and effectively engage them, the next step is to set a schedule and commit to it so you can keep your audience engaged. Also, get in the habit of analyzing stats on a routine basis. That way, you’ll be in a great position to learn from the data, optimize your content to perform better, and develop new, high-performing content and ads.

Of course, all this is just one part of your marketing efforts. Contact us to learn more about how we help you “Market to Make It.”