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Eating Our Own Dog Food with Content Marketing

Creating killer content is hard.

We talk the talk, but we know just how hard it is for Raleigh companies to walk the content marketing walk. A quick glance at our own efforts to write useful blog posts, create cool videos, and come up with a stellar infographic shows that we often fail to do the things we tell you to do.

You know the story of the mechanic whose car never works? Yeah, it’s like that. We spend a lot of time working on your content marketing and then run out of time to manage our own.

CMImage by JNFerree

But of course, we need to eat our own dog food, as they say. And here are three reasons why:

1. Represent! When Raleigh business owners are looking for help with content marketing, it might be nice to see some solid examples on the marketer’s website, right? Uh, yeah. We can show you plenty of examples of our work for clients, but we have far fewer examples of our own efforts on this front.

2. Content Marketing works, but only if the content is decent. We like to use the word “useful.” People share stuff that’s useful. They also share stuff that’s interesting or surprising or funny. Boring? Mildly informational but blah? Not so much.

3. Keep up with the SEO times. These days, not having regular content out there means getting left behind. That content does not have to be blog posts, but needs to be part of your website and then shared on social media.

So it’s time to create better content. Let us know if you have a marketing question you’d like to see addressed and we’ll find a cool way to cover it on the blog or in our newsletter.

And then you can help us out by commenting on it and sharing it. 🙂