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The Do’s and Don’ts for Live Video Streaming

Think we spelled Do’s and Don’ts wrong? Here’s a primer on the three versions of spelling it.

What Is Live Video Streaming?

Live video streaming is the real time transmission of an audio or video that is broadcasted across the internet and people with the sources of computers and smartphones can view them. Live video streaming has been around for years now, but has not been used by corporations until recently. But now with the easy access and availability of smartphones and numerous apps, live streaming is easily accessible for anyone and any business. Live video streaming allows people and businesses to tell their story to the public in real time in the convenience of their own home or workplace. The transparency and accessibility that live video streaming brings people is unlike any other communication tunnel. Live video streaming is a low cost way to distribute a message to a global audience but there are a set of unwritten rules that govern this internet broadcasting.

The Do’s for Using Live Video Streaming

  • Try to increase audience engagement using surveys and polling. This engagement will help you keep the audience watching your stream longer. Your followers will love to know about the events, product launches, and will love to watch the events live. You can reward your audience by informing them first on exclusive products and information. You can also engage the audience through live question and answer sessions; this will give your audience the feeling that you are readily accessible.
  • You should try to interact with your audience so they can feel more connected to you or your business. This can be done by talking directly to the camera or through chats. The viewer will feel greatly appreciated if you let them know that you are willing to communicate with them. Also you can make things more interesting to the viewers by talking on various topics that are related to you and/or your business.
  • For positive live streaming results, you can add behind the scenes videos. These behind the scene videos are another way to gain the attention of your audience.  Show them how your product/service works or show the viewers what your day-to-day activities are in the office.
  • Please make sure that your live streaming is accessible on various devices such as mobile phones, computers, and tablets. Let your viewers re-stream your videos so that the reach is expanded. Try to get instant feedback from the consumers by asking questions about yourself, your product or your service.

The Don’ts for Using Live Video Streaming

  • Do not change the day and times of your live streaming events. Be Consistent and let your followers know when you will be broadcasting. If you change the day and time, you will lose the viewers.
  • Do not overlook the audio quality aspect. Apart from having good quality video, it is also important that the audio is good.  You need for your audience to hear every word. You should always test all the equipment before starting the live streaming to avoid any type of problems in streaming.
  • Do not copy your competitors or other people. Try to be original and do not follow what other people are doing with live streaming. Make your live streaming unique to your audience. Community discussion, interviews, and behind the scene videos are excellent ways you can create uniqueness with the live streaming platform.

Live video and audio streaming are becoming more and more popular by the day. Live streaming enables a message to reach a global audience simultaneously. It is a great way for people to tell their story to the world and it is becoming a powerful tool in the business world for marketing purposes. Live streaming is cost effective and works great in reaching and engaging the customers. There are just few things that people and corporations have to do and don’t do while using live streaming to have effective communication with their audience. If you need help with live video streaming or have questions regarding live video streaming, contact us today!