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Do You Know the Difference Between Marketing and Advertising?

Marketing can make a big difference in the amount of business coming your way. A successful marketing strategy will draw in more potential clients, build your brand’s awareness, and help you grow your business overall. Advertising, too, can help draw in clients, build brand awareness, and grow your business. But many people confuse the two when they are actually quite different. Do you know the difference between marketing and advertisingTimes Square

Advertising is the actual process of alerting consumers of your products or services and this is typically done in the media. Advertising includes radio ads, commercials, billboards, website banners, and messages on similar platforms. When you think “ad,” that is typically advertising. Ad campaigns are developed to strategically place ads in the media types that your target audience uses. For example, if your target audience includes businessmen that work a 9-5, then you may place a commercial in the evening hours or set up a radio ad to run during the standard commute time. In more recent years, advertising’s reach has expanded to include social media, online radio such as Pandora or Spotify, and YouTube.

Marketing encompasses many different techniques to develop an overall strategy for your business. Marketing is the broad term for public relations, web design, content creation, and yes, even advertising. All of these are just a piece of marketing as a whole; a good marketing strategy will make use of many different components. A marketing team will look at where a business is currently and identify the goals. From there, your marketers may employ public relations campaigns, advertising strategies, or develop an internet presence specific to that business’s brand. Marketing teams can even create that brand.

While advertising is helpful as a tool to communicate with your clients about your products and services, marketing involves so much more — all part of a strategy to bring more business to your door.

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