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Looking for New Patients? Well, of Course You Are. We Can Help.

Marketing to find patients for your dental office used to be as simple as sending a few postcards. Today, people can often find several nearby dental practices, which means you need to stand out from the crowd.

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Our dental marketing services include:

Your patients are on the web. So are your competitors. In a dental survey, 30% of patients said their choice of dentist is greatly influenced by the quality of the practice’s website. Potential customers want to find an easy-to-navigate website that tells them why they should choose you instead of the hundreds of other dentist offices nearby. If your website doesn’t do that, it only takes them one second to switch to someone else. Your site needs to draw customers in, prove that you’re the best, encourage them to trust you, and tell them what to do next.

Search Engine Optimization
When people chip their teeth, when their child has a toothache, when their gums are bleeding, when they move to a new neighborhood and need to find a dentist, they Google it. About 60 percent of patients say they use search engines to find a new dentist. If your dental website is on page two, you won’t be found. The DofM uses the latest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to help increase your web presence.

Social Media
Research has proven that people do what other people do. Facebook is great at letting us know what our peers “like.” A strong social media presence tells potential customers “these people have already chosen us, you should, too!” Social media also allows you to directly interact with your community and patients. In addition, it acts in conjunction with your website to tell customers why they should choose you and can help your SEO.

Direct Mail
Technology may be making waves, but people often choose a dentist close to home. Direct print mail is still effective when targeting an audience within five miles of your office. Reach potential patients before they go online, and maintain customer loyalty with reminders and special deals.

Your specialty is enhancing smiles. Our specialty is enhancing your business. We understand how to blend the right marketing tools at the best levels to grow your business.

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