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A Day in the Life of a Marketing Intern

IMG_2373 - CopyToday’s post is by Hunter Wynns, one of The DofM’s summer interns.

To climb in an industry, you have to start somewhere. For many people, including myself, this first exposure to the marketing industry is an entry-level internship. There is rarely such thing as an average day when you’re an intern anywhere because an intern usually helps out with anything that the company might need at any given time. My days as an intern at the Department of Marketing have ranged from filling out directories to being assigned to order a variety of food from a local fast food favorite that I ended up eating after I had finished photographing it. Although there is rarely a “typical” day as an intern, the experiences an internship can give you are very helpful in furthering your career.

Those working in the corporate world know much too well about the endeavor known well as the morning commute. Although monotonous or stressful at times, my trek to work isn’t as bad as other might have it. My twenty-minute commute to work takes me by the courthouse, Raleigh Convention Center, and Carolina Country Club as well as driving past many historic monuments and classic neighborhoods of Raleigh. One of my duties as an intern is managing the Department of Marketing’s Instagram account. I love walking around the downtown area taking pictures of local retailers and other traits that make the city unique.

I have worked at pools, campsites, classrooms, auditoriums and basketball courts, but never in an office setting. My internship gave me my own work space fully furnished with a desk and chair in an open work environment that I shared with my coworkers. The office is located in the center of downtown Raleigh, which makes for a great place to work. The office has a very modern and minimalist design that makes concentration there very easy. Even when we don’t have to be in the office, it’s nice to work there and get away from any clutter or distractions I might have working from home.  

As an intern with little to no experience in marketing, the work I am given is definitely not the most interesting. I spend most of my time filling out directories, researching new clients or products, or writing blog posts on a variety of topics. I have always gotten good grades on written assignments that I do, but I had never written a blog post. This internship has helped me transfer my writing skills into a new form of expression that is growing in popularity. I have written blog posts about many topics I knew nothing about until I thoroughly researched them. Such topics were how to handle a hit and run, the benefits of flossing, and how technology helps lawyers. These unfamiliar tasks and sitting in company meetings has really helped me learn a lot about marketing that will definitely help me as I progress in the field.