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5 Things to Do after Deciding to Redesign Your WebsiteMay 30, 2018

Raleigh business owners often come to The DofM ready for a redesign. But then what? We often find people unsure about how they want their website to look or operate. We understand; with so many choices, how do you figure out what you want?

web 3.0

Web 3.0: The Next GenerationFebruary 15, 2017

The Internet. Have you heard of it? We thought so. But maybe you haven’t heard of Internet evolution. The concept isn’t difficult to understand, but we marketers are paying close attention to the different stages. Web 1.0 started it all and Web 2.0 picked up the pieces and turned the Internet into what we know today. Now, we are looking at Web 3.0.

Why It’s (Past) Time to Make Your Website ResponsiveSeptember 14, 2016

If the Department of Marketing is in charge of your SEO (search engine optimization), you’ve heard us talk about changing your website so that it’s responsive instead of having a separate mobile site.

Best Practices in Website DesignJune 14, 2016

Looking to build or revamp your website? Read all about what the experts in visual design best practices.

Website Appearance on Mobile vs. DesktopJune 5, 2016

Your company’s website should look different on a tablet and phone than it does on a desktop. Here are tips for the best website appearance on all devices.

Stop Messing Up Beautiful Website DesignsMay 25, 2016

We want you to end up with a website you love. But our goal is also to create a beautiful and USEFUL website for you.

9 Tips to Hook Your Blog ReadersFebruary 9, 2016

So you want to start a blog for your business? So does everyone else. Social media has turned into an empire for marketing and everyone wants a piece of it. Here are 9 tips to hook your blog readers.

3 Reasons It’s Time for a New WebsiteNovember 3, 2015

As a marketing company, we often encourage our clients to create a new website. They may think we’re dreaming up ways to make money, but actually, we have good reasons for suggesting a renovation.

Why Your Website Isn’t Performing & How to Change ItJuly 8, 2015

7 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Performing is a must-read article offered by Marc Herschberger on the HubSpot Marketing Blog this week. Herschberger clearly illustrates the top problems plaguing most business websites in everything from common SEO mistakes to design pitfalls to poor blogging habits and more. Several tips are provided to help navigate these disasters if your business has fallen into one these poor performance traps; here are our ideas and few thoughts for improving your business’s website.

6 Dos and Don’ts of Your Business’s New WebsiteJuly 2, 2015

We all judge a book by its cover and your customers are no different. If your website design lacks consistency and professionalism, a study shows 94% of consumers will doubt the legitimacy of your business and postpone or cancel any purchase decisions. Say no to clutter!