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Video Content on Each Social Platform | DofM Free Marketing Advice

How to Optimize Video Content for Each Social PlatformAugust 24, 2021

Video is so popular it’s difficult to keep up with all the ways you can use it. Here is how to tailor your video content to each social platform.

3 Major Social Media Metrics You Should be TrackingJuly 13, 2021

Let’s dive into the different social media metrics you should be tracking so you can improve your social media presence and in turn, continue to grow your business.

Are You Sure You're On All the Right Social Media Channels?_DofM Free Marketing Advice Blog_6.29.2021

Are You Sure You’re On All the Right Social Media Channels?June 29, 2021

You may think you know which social media channels are best for your business, but the most recent social media demographics may surprise you.

Friends Reunion Influencer Marketing_DofM Free Marketing Advice 6.8.2021

The One Where The DofM Found Teachable Moments in the Friends Reunion SpecialJune 8, 2021

Friends fans finally got a long-awaited reunion special featuring all six original cast members. Here are some marketing takeaways from all the buzz.

Think You Can't Use Instagram Stories for Business? Think Again_DofM Marketing Blog_5.25.2021

Think You Can’t Use Instagram Stories for Business? Think Again.May 25, 2021

Instagram stories were introduced in 2016. Since then, they’ve become a staple for businesses and people alike. Here’s how to use them for your business.

What the Heck is a For You Page? TikTok Demystified.April 27, 2021

What the heck is TikTok’s For You Page? Get the break down, and how you can use it for business.

DofM Marketing Blog_Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile for Sales

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Crush Your Sales GoalsMarch 16, 2021

Your LinkedIn profile can be a valuable social selling tool, but only if its optimized properly. Here’s how to make your profile work for you.

Choose Wisely: How to Set Up Access to Your Company’s Social Media PagesSeptember 22, 2020

Let’s discuss how to set up social media pages properly so that they are future proof, whether you’re the one managing them or if you hire an employee or marketing agency in the future.

facebook homepage

Why You Should Market your Dental Office on FacebookAugust 18, 2020

Finding the right ways to market your dental office is important. Find out how using Facebook as a marketing tool is beneficial.

girl holding a smart phone

Should Your Business be on TikTok?July 28, 2020

Wondering if your business should create a TikTok page? Explore the pros and cons of the popular video sharing-app and decide for yourself.