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Marketing Strategy

How to Create a Strategy for Your Pay-Per-Click AdvertisingDecember 29, 2020

PPC is a useful way to drive traffic, conversions, and sales. But without a strategy, you might just be throwing money down the Internet drain. 

How to Create Your 2021 Marketing Plan in this Crazy WorldDecember 8, 2020

Our world is constantly changing and developing into a crazier place. Let’s discuss how to create an effective marketing plan to align with the changes.

The Ways Dental Marketing Has ChangedNovember 17, 2020

Marketing changes every day, and dental marketing has seen massive changes this year. Let’s go over a few of the ways it has changed and some trends to make a note of as we move into 2021.

How to Successfully Shift Your Digital Marketing Strategy in a COVID WorldNovember 3, 2020

Online marketing has been around for awhile, but every business had fully set up an online presence. COVID has changed all that; if you don’t have a digital presence by now, you’re out of business.

The Foundation of Your Marketing and How To Fix it When it’s BrokenSeptember 15, 2020

Marketing is like a house. We often see clients or potential clients who come to us searching for a fix when the harsh truth is, they need a new foundation.

Marketing Your Dental Practice: The 9 Key Steps to Take This YearSeptember 10, 2020

Managing your dental practice is exciting. But getting new business isn’t always easy. To get customers in the door, you will need to do some marketing. But marketing itself isn’t an easy path. There is no silver bullet or “easy” button. Where should North Carolina dentists begin?

dentist chair and tools

5 Critical Ways to Start Marketing Your Dental OfficeAugust 4, 2020

Don’t waste time on marketing tools that don’t perform well for dental offices. Find out the 5 critical ways to get started on marketing your office.

10 Points to Consider as You Market in a COVID-19 WorldJuly 15, 2020

Whatever happened to your business, marketing has changed. As you figure things out, consider the following.

The Bounceback: Preparing to Market Your Business after CoronavirusApril 21, 2020

What is your new marketing and advertising plan for the new normal after Coronavirus? It’s time to start your bounceback plan.

Corona beer ad to demonstrate Marketing during Coronavirus

Marketing in the Time of CoronavirusMarch 10, 2020

Marketing or advertising during challenging times seems odd in some ways. After all, you don’t want to seem insensitive.