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Marketing vs. Advertising_The DofM Marketing Blog

Do You Know the Difference Between Marketing and Advertising?March 2, 2021

Both draw in clients, build brand awareness, and help grow your business, but do you know the difference between marketing and advertising?

5 Signs You're Too Busy for Marketing (& What To Do About It)

5 Signs You’re Too Busy for Marketing (and What To Do About It)February 2, 2021

People are often eager to “work on their marketing” during dry spells. Check out these five signs you’re too busy for marketing (and find out what you can do about it.)

Female and male meeting at a table

7 Things We’ve Learned from Our Clients While Doing MarketingAugust 26, 2020

Our clients from a variety of industries, which means we learn a lot about several topics. We are sharing a few of the best things we have learned.

Hiring a Raleigh Marketing Agency: Answers to Your QuestionsAugust 11, 2020

You might have a lot of questions about hiring a marketing agency and what goes on behind the scenes. Here we answer several FAQ’s about marketing agencies and what it would be like to work with one.