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Marketing Strategies: Why You Should Spend More Time and Money on an E-newsletterJune 4, 2019

E-newsletters aren’t super sexy. We get it. But here’s why you should consider spending more time on yours.

Marketing Projects: Why Design by Committee Never Works and How to Stop ItMay 9, 2019

Marketing projects often require some input from your team, your managers, and others. After all, design is a collaborative process.

5 Resources to DIY Image Design for Social Media and Blog PostsApril 23, 2019

Photos and images are a critical part of social media management and some other aspects of your online marketing. While we, of course, recommend working with professionals, we also know a lot of Raleigh business owners need to DIY sometimes.

Avoid These Shady Online Review SchemesApril 16, 2019

Reviews matter. Reviews create traction and buzz. Reviews raise your ranking on search engines whether it’s Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, or others.

whiteboard with sticky notes to represent project management

Getting the Results You Want: How to Communicate with Your Marketing FirmApril 9, 2019

Sometimes you are struggling for the words to convey what you mean about a design we’re creating. Here is how to talk to us about the vision you see for your website or project.

New Partner Joins Downtown Raleigh Marketing AgencyApril 2, 2019

Raleigh-based marketing agency The Department of Marketing has added a new partner, company leaders announced today.

logo design history pepsi

Creating Your Business Logo: What You Can Learn from the History of Logo DesignMarch 26, 2019

Drafting a logo is no small feat. You’ll want to take into account current trends, but also be mindful of the timelessness of your logo. You want a symbol that will hold up just as your business will.

Up and Coming Apps for your BusinessMarch 21, 2019

Business apps might just save you and your company from hassle and stress.

Do You Need Marketing Help?March 12, 2019

Employing a successful marketing plan takes time, energy, and most important expertise. If you need marketing help, reach out to us today.

Avoid This Type of Content on Social Media (and Here’s What to Post Instead)February 19, 2019

When posting your content, always keep in mind that it’s important to stick to the values of your business. Always be sincere and original.